Kairi GAME CONFIRMED COMING !! NEW Kingdom Hearts game

Kairi GAME CONFIRMED COMING !! NEW Kingdom Hearts game


Tetsuo Nomura recently he recently did an interview about the 13 questions of darkness basically him does going over Rima and giving us some exclusive information insights into the development of it and potentially some sneak peeks into some future projects they may be working on and that’s what we’re going to be talking a lot about today now we all already know about Kingdom Hearts dark road that should be coming later and spring and we’re going to be getting more news on that next month I have plenty of videos coming up speculating and talking about that giving you more insights into things about dark road if you may not know already but outside of that outside of that mobile game we’re gonna be talking about what the next I guess I don’t know if I should say mainline Kingdom Hearts game but the next does Kingdom Hearts game that’s not a mobile game outside of dark road what that is going to be like hopefully it’s on Unreal Engine hopefully they keep it on PlayStation and Xbox maybe port to switch as well hopefully they don’t go some wierd route where they make it switch exclusive you have to use ones like on or it’s exclusive to the Euro or something I don’t even know dude yes nothing weird hopefully it’s nothing weird but I have some ideas as to what the next Kingdom Hearts game I end up being and why I feel like it may be coming sooner than we may expect actually the developer straight-up says it himself as I’m going to quote right here

we won’t need some more time to make another traditional main series style Kingdom Hearts game talking about number titles most likely but there was a surprising announcement from the Kingdom Hearts II and cross team last week talking about Kingdom art dark road on top of that we also have two new teams new teams working on different projects separate from remind and Union cross and one of those games
is coming out earlier than you would think now very interesting the title screen for Rieman lays some the groundwork for it new team new title coming sooner than you may think or coming out earlier than you would think that’s what he says exactly pretty interesting stuff there and what’s only remind title screen Sora and Tyree I mean we all know what happens to Sora and he’s nowhere near Kairi at the moment so carry a Kyrie game hmm this is something I’ve definitely been wanting ever since Kingdom Hearts pre-released I’ve been obsessed with the idea of playing as Chiron we got a little sneak peek at that in remind I’m surprised that they put her in a situation like that I thought card would be kind of a side spectacle to Roxas and Riku and aqua but no she had her own completely unique fight just dedicated to her I mean you can play a sore up also but I feel like most people probably played his car in that moment it was really fun it was a really cool unique boss battle and I absolutely loved it I mean it could tighten up some
things about carries like movement and finishers I don’t like how long the finishers glass because it leaves you super vulnerable but overall the like outside of that small small nitpick I think Carrie was probably the most enjoyable to play as out of the whole crew the whole cast of people you could play as in remind and as we know at the ending of Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora is not there but Carrie is and as we figure out
the end of limit cut they’re trying to find out something within Kairos dreams or heart or whatever to try to find some sort of trace of Sora which limit cut takes place mostly a year after everything that happens in Kingdom Hearts 3 so Carrie’s been asleep for just a straight-up year we might have a whole game just finding out what is
going on in her dreams which would be pretty interesting it seems like the next saga of Kingdom Hearts is gonna have a very very big emphasis on dreams so maybe what people were saying like beforehand with the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts 3 the first secret ending about dream Drop Distance – a policy wouldn’t be called that but maybe we might end up getting something like that but instead of it being surrounded by Sora and Riku maybe it’s involving Kyrie and while Riku because they transition from a singing about Riku to Kyrie and that’s how limit cut ends and then you unlock the secret episode I definitely feel like this title they’re working on has to be about Kyrie and Nomura basically confirms this in my opinion when he says the title screen for remind lays some of the groundwork for it and this is the same title that he’s talking about that is going to come out earlier than you would think so how much earlier what this title come out I mean based off of previous score units like marketing habits they often advertise Kingdom Hearts games and book or they announce Kingdom Hearts games in bulk like it’s not uncommon for two Kingdom Hearts games to be announced like within a year of each other I mean dark road has already been confirmed it’s already going to be coming out by the end of spring and I’m very positive we’re gonna have another console or more I guess Unreal Engine based Kingdom Hearts experience announced for us later this year going into the next generation of consoles that’s very likely to happen at a TGS or a jump testa or whatever event that’s gonna be happening towards the end of the year but I’m sure those are gonna be plenty of because we have the new consoles on the horizon so I’m sure Sony or Xbox would come up to score units and be like hey you know that a popular Kingdom Hearts 3 game you made so do you have anything you want to show the fans for like the sequel to that maybe and they show us some Kingdom Hearts game that’s not Kingdom Hearts 4 but something that like would be a sequel to Kingdom Hearts 3 that fans will be excited about dream Drop Distance 2 let’s called out the title for now I don’t care I can very easily see something like that happening because Square Enix very often does announce games when it comes to council launchers they did for the 3d asset is for PSP they did for ps4 with Kingdom Hearts 3 1 be surprised they did for PS 5 or Xbox one as an Xbox one Xbox series that’s what whatever it’s called I’m more of a Sony guy myself imagine like a Kyrie game where you’re kind of in like verum Rex or Shibuya because Riku seems to be having dream about well Ozora and being in that world so what of Kyrie is going through the exact same thing or maybe carries in a completely different city but also that city involves you know Yozora though it’s really interesting as well because all of this is happening but limit cut takes place a year after Kingdom Hearts 3 but I’m curious as to when the epilogue takes place after Kingdom Hearts 3 I want to assume the epilogue takes place almost immediately after the ending of Kingdom Hearts 3 afters a nurse defeated xigbar gets his keyblade back and then the foretellers come around what have those guys been doing for the past year that’s what I’m really curious about as well so there was really just a lot of like plot points a lot of things I want to know about going into the future of the Kingdom Hearts series that is really really interesting tell me down below what you think like a Kingdom Hearts game revolving around carry dot that’s what it seems like the next game might end up being or involving carry what do you think the next Kingdom Hearts game could should be when do you think it’ll be announced I personally really think it’s possible that we’ll get another Kingdom Hearts game announcement this year and maybe that game were released by the end of next year

or sometime in the middle of next or whatever but I do strongly think that early next year or end this year sometime very soon we’re going to be getting another Kingdom Hearts game and now it’s been on top of what we already have with Kingdom Hearts dark road surrounding young xehanort which is really really interesting because they said what the odo mania is last year as well that they were already working on the next project and they put even further emphasis on it with this I’ve seen luckily I have two new teams prepared I’m personally really excited about what the next Kingdom Hearts game may hold because they just keep the foundation that they set for Kingdom Hearts 3 and improve off of well that well they just keep everything they’ve worked so hard to build up with the Unreal Engine 4 keep those assets keep everything moving forward the next Kingdom Hearts game should be coming out relatively soon and it should be like such a blast because we won’t have to deal with them like being hindered by hardware or trying to cater to the Hardware of like a PSP or DS they can just go all-out and do what they did with Kingdom Hearts 3 what like you know the next Kingdom Hearts game maybe not like to the same scale I could probably be a shorter game a little bit of less content but it still like would get the point of it would have that Kingdom Hearts feel to it you know I don’t really know what I’m trying to describe but hopefully you kind of get what I mean but if you guys enjoyed today’s video though leave a like share the video with a friend or a family member and last but not least we’ve not already and want to become a part of the Union all you have to do is hit that red little subscribe button down below also again leave a comment down below telling me what you think about all of this what do you think the next Kingdom Hearts game is gonna be do you think Nomura is basically confirming a Kyrie game here that’s kind of how I interpret this reflect the next Kingdom Hearts game outside the dark road is gonna be about Riku Kairi the Twilight town trio just whoever like what do you think is gonna be featured in the next Kingdom Hearts game what do you think is gonna be announced let me know in the comment section down below

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