the NEW End game systems in Wolcen Lords of Mayhem (News)

the NEW End game systems in Wolcen Lords of Mayhem (News)


Wilson made a post on Friday February the 7th about in-game and customization there are also six skills mentioned in the post as well I’m going to go over customization in a separate video so stay tuned for that so focusing on the in-game portion the post goes on to say some of you may have noticed that the achievements have been pushed onto Steam including the endgame ones we like to detail without spoiling too much about what the end game is about and Wilson,

when you complete the three acts you gain access to the endgame mode with all your characters this game mode allows you to level up a new character without doing the campaign if you wish by doing randomly generated dungeons but mostly it unlocks in-game content and its rewards I love this because for one I enjoy making lots of characters and this gives me freedom to do the story again if you wish but it doesn’t make it mandatory I’m glad they’re adding this feature in the game don’t get me wrong I love story but to sit through the same cutscenes every time I want to level a new character is annoying so if I want I can just grind out a few levels on it all and not worry about it moving on with the post the in-game features allow players to construct buildings and complete projects for the city of by completing random dungeons the faster projects can be complete even with modifiers the heart of the challenge , with complet high dungeon that help you the gather the resources that require to storm fall these projects and even more grant more interesting rewards once you complete a project you obtain as dedicated reward

you can complete and they’re dedicated rewards this is awesome I like that they’re adding this in game this gives players a reason to continue to play the game after they grind it all the way to max level you max level b8 90 at launch they’re pushing out a good amount of content at launch so not only do we get three acts 90 levels bounties expeditions crafting creating different builds ultimate ways to level and then this system good on you Wilson studios this just has me more confident about the feature in this game and this will incentivize people to do more challenging content

I’m also very interested to see how this system develops like my mind is running crazy imagine if they tied this with the housing system that they said would come after launch this will definitely give benefits to creating new bills with the skill system I’m also curious if this will be usable with the trade system or a feel to be time gated I have so many questions with this new system now but I want to hear your thoughts in the comments what do you think about this system they’ll be adding

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