New PS4 Games This Week  4 on Tuesday February 4th 2020

New PS4 Games This Week 4 on Tuesday February 4th 2020


what’s new on PlayStation 4 on Tuesday February 4th 2020 first up this week is Monster Energy Supercross at the official video game 3 now

whether or not you’re a Supercross fan there is no denying that Racing off-road motorcycles around a fast paced firework lined high-octane track is pretty awesome of course if you are a supercross fan you’ll love what’s on offer realistic reproductions of bikes incredibly accurate track recreations and superstars like Chad Reed and Ryan Dungey start your engines
Monster Energy Supercross

the official video game 3 is out now also arriving this week is zombie army 4 dead wall this frenetic FPS is on its

fourth installment and transports you back to a zombified 1940s Europe as you fight to save humankind from an undead Armageddon with deep customization seriously inventive weapons and a hilariously fun horde mode this is one zombie apocalypse you’ll actually look forward to zombie army for dead war is out now .
another new release we can’t wait for is the Dark Crystal Age of resistance

tactics this turn-based tactical RPG is set in the world of the 1982 Dark Crystal film and more recent Netflix series and CG build teams and device strategies to take down your enemies with more than 50 battles to play through you’ll also need to recruit allies train them up and find equipment to ensure success if you’re ready to dive in the Dark Crystal Age of resistance tactics is out now of course

if you’re looking for the perfect game to scare a horror phobic colleague hypothetically of course then look no further than donor fear

this atmospheric horror title sees you return home after your last living relative has died only to end up trapped in a terrifying world you can’t be sure is real to escape you’ll need to solve puzzles survive action sequences and try to stay sane as the madness around you escalates up to the challenge dawna fear is.

now another puzzle game arriving this week is 7th sector and if you’re eagerly awaiting sober from 2077 this might just be the perfect title to target

you over set in a gorgeous cyberpunk world this mysterious game leads you around a dark and dangerous city solving clues and controlling characters to find what
you’re looking for but don’t forget with four different endings every decision you make matters ready to take on the case subbing sector is out on Wednesday.

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