Now Nvidia GeForce Streaming Service Review

Now Nvidia GeForce Streaming Service Review


nvidia geforce as game streaming service is so exciting that been stuck in beta purgatory for more than two years because poorly marketed , Google launched stadia service and Microsoft x cloud opened its own beta meanwhile GeForce now still hasn’t claimed the mine share or word of mouth

but GeForce now might not need mine share to win over its competitors it’s because it has a different tact GeForce now streams the PC games that you already own Nvidia isn’t running a game store here unlike Google stadia service instead GeForce now connects your existing digital game libraries to verify that you own the games that you want to play and because the games are cloud-based there’s no updating or maintenance required but that also means that only select games are supported the service isn’t really meant for tech enthusiasts or early adopters instead it’s explicitly aimed at people who own outdated pcs or Macs but still want to play the hottest PC games g-force now is an app for PCs Mac and Android phones to let you stream many of the games that you already own on Steam or the epic game store or any other digital storefronts it’s effectively free at least for an hour at a time but a subscription will give you priority access to the server’s ray-tracing and games that support it and up to a six-hour play session the subscription currently costs $4.99 a month

but NVIDIA hasn’t settled on a long term price setting up GeForce now for the first time is a bit of a nightmare when you log into the service you’re presented with a sort of junior varsity Steam client there’s a carousel of hot games but it’s mostly filled with old titles like cuphead and Tropico 6 g-force now currently supports more than 400 titles but there’s no place where they’re all listed instead you can either scroll through a limited list of featured games or use the search bar to check for the game that you want to play there’s plenty of big-name games here like destiny 2a X legends Metro Exodus and of course The Witcher 3 but there’s may glaring omissions to control Red Dead Redemption 2 and Monster Hunter World for example are nowhere to be seen presumably more games are being added all the time and the library is already much more impressive than the paltry selection found on Google Stadium

but it’s still disappointing when you’re especially amped for a certain game only to find it not available on the service

performance on g-force now is entirely dependent on your internet connection we tested multiple games in a variety of internet conditions and found that both input latency and image quality was massively impacted by both internet speed and connection stability as well as the visual complexity of the game you’re playing NVIDIA recommends a minimum of 15 Mbps 465 per second at 720p or 30 Mbps for 1080p and suggest connecting me an Ethernet for the best experience possible here in the click dop office with about a 50 Meg download speeds over Wi-Fi we experience relatively minimal latency but significant video artifacting on the incoming video stream especially in video demanding games like The Witcher 3 and Metro Exodus having said that those quality issues could likely be attributed to our congested network all the same in home testing the distance between you and the router seemed to play a factor in how well things worked playing in a room fairly far from a router resulted in a relatively unstable stream quality despite our speed test saying that the internet speed was more than sufficient latency was more noticeable and the video quality often garbled into a smudgy cubist hellscape that’s the worst case scenario though playing over a stable connection like over Ethernet or a fast Wi-Fi connection nearby to your router is a totally different world when we were playing in the same room as the router with a download speed of around 200 Meg’s we tested g-force now on desktop MacBook and on shield TV and in that ideal scenario the stream quality held steady even in demanding games like destiny 2 to amp things up we simulated a congested network by streaming music over Sonos watching youtube TV and downloading a video on another device even with all that network activity destiny 2 didn’t falter in the slightest having said that we’re still really not convinced that streaming is ever going to provide the truly Crispus graphical fidelity and GeForce now hasn’t changed our minds we’ve yet to be truly wild by graphics even with ray tracing in the equation in the absolute ideal scenario that we tested over Ethernet with a fiber internet connection GeForce now it did work flawlessly The Witcher 3 looked absolutely gorgeous at 1080p max settings

and latency was negligible enough that if I didn’t know it was being streamed I would have assumed it was running locally on a high-end PC even so it didn’t look quite as good as actually running locally on my hai NPC while everyone’s experience is bound to be different we were really impressed with how well g-force now worked under moderately ideal conditions there’s something really special about playing a new PC game on a Mac that’s almost a decade old unfortunately that won’t be the case across the board for the majority of rural Americans with limited broadband infrastructure the experience with game streaming services will be much more like our less successful test blocky x elated and laggy and that’s unlikely to change for many years to come without a fast and stable connection it’s just not worth your time and if you have a gaming PC you’re within your rights to be incredulous after all what’s the difference between being stuck in the room with the fastest internet and the room with your gaming rig but for that small contingency of gamers who one don’t own a gaming PC to want to play the best PC games and three have blazing fast internet GeForce now seems like a winner and if you’re not sure if gaming streaming will work for you GeForce now is the perfect option you don’t have to pay a cent to get started for more from the front lines of the brand new game streaming battlegrounds keep it to clickdop

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